Friends of Mycenae Gardens Committee

Committee members are elected from among the Friends of Mycenae Gardens membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year in accordance with the group’s Constitution. The committee meets regularly throughout the year to coordinate efforts to preserve and improve the gardens. Current committee members are:

What does being a committee member involve?

  • Firstly, committee members need to be proposed (by two other members) and elected at the AGM.  Please use this link to the committee nomination form. If you stand as a potential committee member you need to be prepared to give a very brief statement at the AGM about why you would like to represent the group on the committee and about what skills and enthusiasms you can bring. The AGM is a friendly environment in which to do this so there is no need to feel nervous about this.
  • In addition to the AGM, committee members attend about 4 committee meetings a year to discuss issues that arise and to consider how to protect , sustain and improve the gardens. The group has a management plan, which was agreed by Greenwich Council and which underpins this work.
  • As a committee member you would support other colleagues on the committee in contributing to the aims and objectives of the friends group. The committee typically (and ideally) reflects a variety of enthusiasms and interests, and you may need to convince other committee members about the importance of a particular issue, or to take a step back from your own personal aims and motivations to make sure that all users of the gardens are fairly represented.
  • Committee members contribute different skills and experience, and each can play a different role but tasks may include: helping to coordinate volunteer events, identifying news items, researching information about plants or planting in the gardens, responding to emails received by the group and new membership requests, or supporting bids for funding to carry out the aims of the group.
  • Perhaps most importantly you will be able to play your own part in working with others who share and enjoy Mycenae Gardens and who have a commitment to make sure this valued space is well managed and developed for all those who use it.

Further queries – why not speak with a committee member

Current committee members would be happy to speak with you about our Friends group. If you would like to highlight an issue you think the Committee should be aware of please use the Contact form to send a message.