The wild side of Mycenae Gardens and the Woodland Dell. These areas are a haven for wildlife and make a considerable contribution to the biodiversity of the Westcombe park area.

The Woodland Dell

Why does biodiversity matter?
It is generally accepted that the more different species thriving in an area the healthier that environment is and this is a direct benefit for everyone living nearby and everyone working at or visiting the grounds; including the Mycenae House community centre and the Greenwich Steiner School. Having a diverse range of species in the area enriches our lives. It provides interest and pleasure for those who enjoy

  • the varied way the trees reflect the passing seasons
  • the way different plants flower through the spring and summer
  • the fruits that appear in the form of conkers and cones;

and for those who are delighted by

  • the many bugs and insects that burrow, crawl and fly around including butterflies and dragonflies
  • watching the wide range of birds that visit the grounds and surrounding private gardens.

Check the submenu to find more on habitats, wildlife on the move, or the wildlife survey undertaken in 2015.

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