decompacting 1.jpg
Volunteers from GoodGym on Saturday 19 March, working alongside others from the Friends of Mycenae Gardens who came to aerate the ground beneath the Plane Trees 

Aerating the ground under the Plane Trees

The Friends of Mycenae Gardens have been working to aerate the ground beneath the London Plane trees. The first work session took place on Saturday 19 March and we have another arranged for Saturday 2 April. This work will improve drainage and oxygen content in the soil for the benefit of the trees. The bark mulch will reduce the risk of soil compaction in the future as well as increasing water retention.

What does the work involve?

Volunteers have been pushing garden forks into the ground to the full depth of the tines and then wiggling the fork to and fro. The fork is then withdrawn. This process is being repeated every 6 inches or so to create vertical holes in the soil.

This is strenuous work, especially on the back. We are extremely grateful to members of the Friends group who have volunteered so far and to helpers from GoodGym who have been great company and who have made our progress much more rapid.

Volunteers sought!

The next work session will take place from 11am to 1pm on Saturday 2 April. If you can help please do contact us.


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