If you’d like to see the gardens ‘in action’ come along on the afternoon of Sat 6th October from 2pm where there will be some Friends of Mycenae Gardens working in the gardens to keep them tidy. You can still join in if you don’t feel energetic – Mark’s listed a few options below but I’d also add ‘bringing the workers some tea’. All abilities welcome 🙂


Pic credit: Digging / Watering can



To all Friends …
The next ‘planting day’ is Saturday 6 October. It does not last all day – just a couple of hours from 2pm.

The plan is to repair some ‘post and rope’ fences, replace some plants that expired in the recent heat, spread fertiliser on what is left of the lawn, plant hundreds of bulbs in hope for the spring and to carry out some weeding of the shrub beds. We also need to clear some ivy from the Dell.

This is quite a list. We may not get through all of it, but to have a chance we need your help. Please come along. Bring gloves, trowels and secateurs if you can. If you are not keen on any of these jobs, just come along to chat, and perhaps take the odd picture for the website or newsletter.

Incidentally, the committee has for some time been short of gardening expertise. We are putting out a call for knowledgeable gardeners to help identify work that needs doing as and when the need arises (i.e. not just in the planting days), and to help us describe the work on the website or social media along with any instructions that might be needed, so as to allow members of the Friends group to carry out such work in whatever time they can spare, at a time of their choosing. If you think you could be that knowledgeable gardener, please get in touch. We shall plant a bulb in your honour.

Mark Barnes
for the Friends of Mycenae Gardens

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