The Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Mycenae Gardens will be held on Friday 3rd September 2021 at 2pm in Mycenae House (or perhaps in the Gardens).

All members are invited (and urged) to attend if possible.  Membership of the group is free, and non-members are welcome to attend and join at the event.

The business of the meeting will include:

  1. The election of new members of the committee.  New members are urgently needed.  A member of the group willing to serve on the committee can be proposed by two other members of the group (even on the day).
  2. A proposed amendment of the first sentence of paragraph 7 of the constitution to read “The Secretary shall call an Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’) of the General Members to be held in  each calendar year, on such date as the committee may determine.”   (Explanation: Paragraph 7 currently requires the AGM to be held in the first three months of each year, when the weather tends to discourage attendance.  This amendment will allow the meeting to be held on the date that best suits the membership and fits the group’s activities.)

Mark Barnes, Chair and Secretary Friends of Mycenae Gardens

Message from the Chair

This will be the first General Meeting since March 2019, and is particularly important. 

This meeting is so important because, as I have explained in emails to the group,  much work is needed in the Gardens.  It is up to the Friends group to identify, prioritise and carry out that work, but at the moment it is not up to the job.  Although membership has held up, active participation in the work of the group has been falling in recent years and the management (the committee) has been hollowed out by the loss of younger members and the ageing of the rest.  2020 was supposed to be a year of revival and reinvigoration of the group with a younger chair, fresh ideas and a new programme.  That all fell through, partly as a result of covid.  It is now needed more than ever.  

If you value the Gardens, if you want to ensure their survival as a public open space and wildlife haven, you need to ‘lean in’.  I know from conversations with many of you that there is plenty of good will, but we need more.  Please come to the meeting and bring whoever else you can find who values the Gardens.  Non-members are welcome and they can sign up (free) at the AGM. We need your participation as members, but we also need a new committee:  the group cannot function without a minimum of 6 committee members.  The present committee is already under-strength, and after two missed AGMs all the elected members will have to retire by rotation.  So please come to take part, to contribute your ideas, and to put yourselves or others forward as committee members.  Ultimately, if too few come to the meetings, or if too few step up to the committee, the group will have to be dissolved, with the loss of the main mechanism by which the voices of the community can be heard, their needs reconciled and their efforts deployed.   But if enough join in and step up, the Gardens can be restored managed and improved by the community, for the benefit of all.  

Best wishes,

Mark Barnes

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