We had a very successful session in the morning of Saturday 20 November, with many helpers including a strong contingent of adults and children from the Greenwich Steiner School.

The primary objective was to deal with the beech hedge around the school fence.  The beech was being throttled by encroaching bramble and honeysuckle , and was firing branches out sideways into the gardens to find the light.   

On Saturday morning, the bramble was cut out (as far as is possible with bramble), the honeysuckle cut back and the side shoots tamed.   Even the youngest got involved …

The hedge is now looking thinner and trimmer.  It will grow all the more strongly as a result, although we shall need to make this an annual event to keep the hedge under control and free of interlopers.

With many energetic helpers we were able to start on some of the other shrubs …

The prunings were mostly used to reinforce and thicken the ‘dead hedging’ that separates the wildlife area from the rest of the gardens.

The next task: to coppice and collect hazel from Lesnes Abbey woods, with which to make a new fence for at least one of the shrub beds …

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