Come to our Tree Party – Friday 6 May 3:45pm

There are at least 36 different species of tree in Mycenae Gardens.  How many have you noticed?   

Mycenae Gardens Plane Tree
One of the garden’s fantastic Plane Trees

Most of us could identify the London Planes, but could you spot the Black Walnut or the Weeping Pear? 

The Friends of Mycenae Gardens have enlisted the expertise of Greenwich Tree Officers to identify the trees, and will be labelling one of each species during the day  on Friday 6 May, with a celebration party after school hours from 3:45 to about 5:30pm.  Mycenae House café will be open, and the festivities will be led by Rich Sylvester, our local ‘Guide to Green Spaces and Old Places’, who will weave his tales around the trees in the Gardens, and offer younger participants a chance to get creative with clay, sticks and seeds. 

Come and meet the trees  (and bring friends and neighbours) for our Tree Party – Friday 6 May 3:45pm

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