Our delayed planting day!

Following earlier postponement, Saturday 24 March will now be our first volunteer day of 2018. We invite you to come and meet with other helpers in the gardens and to join in with any of the following planned activities:

  • Coming to meet and talk with others who share a love of Mycenae Gardens.
  • Planting a new array of shrubs and flowers in the bed in front of Mycenae House, which we began preparing in the last volunteer day. We will dig and prepare the holes and then plant and water in the new arrivals based on a planting scheme recently agreed  by the Friends of Mycenae Gardens Committee members.
  • Roping off a small area of shrubs identified by teachers from the Greenwich Steiner School where footfall has been causing to damage, so allowing the area to recover.
  • Replacing protective stakes and ropes which had been removed/ pulled out from around the refurbished shrub beds
  • Helping with general tidying and maintenance in the gardens.

No knowledge of gardening is required – only a willingness to help and to meet with other volunteers.

What to do if you are coming

Please bring any of the following, depending on how you plan to help:

  • gardening gloves
  • a fork
  • a spade
  • a garden trowel
  • secateurs
  • clothes which you would be prepared to get a little muddy
  • willingness to share or organise tea and coffee.

Where and when to meet?

We will meet in the gardens just in front of Mycenae House from 2pm. The volunteer work will be happening until 4pm but you can drop in and stay for just part of this time if you prefer – even if you just come to say hello.

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